Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inanna's Descent


This is my first time participating in a blog. I have been interested in the Inanna myth for a long time, especially in her descent into the underworld/shadow world, being stripped of all symbols of her persona and left naked and vulnerable. I am probably more interested in this aspect than in the "first poem" piece which I'm not sure I understand. Below is an old poem about her. I am happy to continue in dialogue and to participate in any way I can.



Night Diving

Night eloped in high heeled slippers.
Eluding moon’s scrutiny, she banished
dawn for a few more hours.
I followed her down darkened paths,
transcending fear: Inanna’s descent
on curled lips, her journey familiar as fire.

I danced in cloudless skies, dedicated
in shadow, sought her counsel far
from civil tongues and floodlit streets.
She spoke to me in tones of dusk and gray,
sent me back to quilted dreams
of death, of destiny.

I wanted more--to leave behind all falsehood,
view the bridal chamber cloaked in mourning,
then return to innocence, my vision unobscured
by even hints of grasping. My dream turned lucid;
I awoke within its envelope, still wrapped in gossamer.
First light brought with it certainty; I’d waltzed
through long night’s wedding, witnessing a miracle.


Just checking that I'm on board -
Love the idea -
What are you looking for in the long run?