Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A daunting narrative

I hope all is well with everyone and that your muse is ever-present in all your creative endeavors!

I've never blogged before-- never even read a blog-- and I'm getting the sense that many of us are in the same place. I feel as if I've been thrown into this without a road map or compass, but hey! I'm giving it a go. Personally, I like email!

Whether or not you were present at the initial conversation last summer, never fear. We are all in this now, eh? One thing I remember was that a lot of our conversation centered on Iraq... on the war and Bagdad and its place in human history. That was almost a year ago and the war is continuing even as I write. Inanna came from that first, ancient civilization. I believe the layers of history and memory living in that place, that are written into the earth, present us with a daunting narrative. I ask myself, does it beckon me to listen or does it demand to be told? Inanna's story, the story of the land past and present; it's all woven of a piece to me.

I'd like to open our inspiration to that narrative. RESPONSE ANYONE?