Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Woman

I have enjoyed reading the blogs from everyone and especially intrigued by Carol's poem. Don't know if I am at a disadvantage or advantage in some way because of not being at the Rane Gallery and in on that discussion about Inanna and the First Poem. I think I was initially interested in the concept of "First"...being "First Woman" in my mind.

Following my own path of creativity this morning I opened a book by Paula Gunn Allen, THE SACRED HOOP, Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions, and her first sentence was:

"In the beginning was thought, and her name was Woman."

My life's work is the empowerment of women. The same threads run through many cultures, old and new. I enjoy the possibility of reading other womens comments and being able to blogg about my own thoughts, and experiences. In a way it feels like communicating to a Feminine Collective Unconscious because I have not met most of you and blogging is new to me. It is like an anchor because I have to put my thoughts into concrete language, which seems like some form of energy I then send out into the universe and I in turn receive this energy back. 

My concern is "Do I need to fit in? Can I just be myself and not disturb the intention of this process?

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