Sunday, January 13, 2008

Inanna: Queen of Heaven

Nancy, thank you for setting up this blog for an art and poetry event. I hope that many other poets and artists will respond and begin the amazing collaboration process.

I too remember the discussion about Inanna and The First Poem, as mentioned by Kate Cain after the Reflections on RANE show in September, 2007.

I hope that the future event will be designed by women poets and artists coming together to share ideas and concepts.

I love the idea of the "first poem" and indeed any theme about "the first". I have read the work, "Inanna: Queen of Heaven", and encourage both poets and artists to read the original lecture series by Diane Wolkstein.

I am interested to see and hear how others view this collaboration and what the ultimate theme will be, when all is said and done. Count me in for anything that evolves.

And let's meet, when we all can, at the wonderful RANE Gallery and talk and dream with Judith.
Andrea L. Watson

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Linda Arnold said...

Dear Nancy,

I echo Andrea's appreciation for this blog and for your willingness to set this project in motion. I think the blog will be a wonderful way for us to communicate our thoughts and feelings about this "first poem" process.

Count me in also.

Many thanks,