Sunday, January 6, 2008




countessk said...

Inanna. Probably anyone reading this knows that the topic came up as a result of our wine-enhanced discussion after the "Reflections on Rane" memorial reading in Sept.
We were talking about beginnings, first words ("In the beginning was the Word"--which I think was probably Oops!) and origins.
Like many women of our age and generation, I was introduced to mythology--and to Inanna specifically--in a different way by a Jungian psychotherapist par excellence, Jean Fortier.
Inanna's story has so many facets. It's the ultimate sacred journey, pilgrimage, sacrifice (of self for another), compassionate gesture (a true mourner who doesn't try to make you feel guilty or better, but simply mourns with you), and then restoration and rightous reassertion of order--don't let that cozy image of Dumuzi fool you). It's the descent into the underworld, and the return, where the heroine gets to spend more than 6 mos. aboveground, even if she does have to take off her necklace and give up her best shawl to go downstairs). Inanna is pre-Eve, pre-Lilith.
Whether we present our show as a journey from step to step, or choose any of the steps at random, I don't think it matters. We can't go wrong. Any part of the journey is real, whole--artistically, poetically, in the soul as well as the heart. Inanna is a woman for all seasons. And we are her daughters, too.
So, sisters, what say you?


c a loetscher said...

I am in! Have purchased the Inanna book - if we have a direction or directive, keep me posted. I am not a blogger by nature, so hope I have correctly logged on and signed in and appropriately appeased the computer gods...